• SS100-41
    S&M Crystal Whip

    Deliver a lashing with a distinctive shimmer. A handle bound in black vegan leather provides a comfortable grip and guides the eye to dangling tails that entice as they shine.

  • SS480-44
    Saffron Under the Bed Restraint System

    The original (yes, we invented it) Under the Bed Restraint System just got a sultry and seductive new look! Set up in minutes, the alluring deep reds create a lust filled setting made for the naughtiest play. Four luxurious adjustable cuffs in soft and supple faux leather with restraint straps secure to one center connector strap fitting securely under your mattress.

  • SS098-51
    S&M Sheer Day Collar

    Add a touch of sensuality and allure to your outfit with the Sheer Day Collar! This stunning sheer collar features a black and gold collar ring and is delicately finished off with a luxurious velvet ribbon.

  • SS201-03
    No Matter Where Bondage System

    Surrender your body to entrancing restraints anywhere, anytime you want with the ultra-portable and adaptable No Matter Where Restraint System! Give your partner total control as you position yourself spread and restrained against the bed, or take your play to new heights by adjusting the straps to fit snugly against the door for standing bondage and tantalizing teasing.

  • SS310-02
    Breathable Strap-On

    Elevate your endurance in superior comfort with the Breathable Strap-On. Designed with a super lightweight, breathable mesh fabric that keeps you cool, even when things heat up.

  • SS310-03
    Dual Desire Strap-On

    Double down on pleasure and experience a fuller feeling with the Dual Desires Strap-On Harness. Independently offer intense sensations to your partner with dual penetration and expand pleasure with deeper penetration.

  • SS310-04
    Hidden Pocket Strap-On

    Strap in and hold tight! The Hidden Pocket Strap-On and Remote Control Vibrator Set will leave you trembling from powerful vibrations as you penetrate your partner. Explore the dynamics of power play by handing over control, and the remote, to your bottom and let them guide you through tantalizing sensations as you passionately thrust in rhythmic bliss.

  • SS310-05
    Aurora High Waisted Strap-On

    Embrace your commanding presence with the domineering look and feel of the Aurora High Waisted Strap-On Harness. Take charge of every moment as you step into this versatile strap-on harness designed to make you feel sexy and authoritative while staying comfortable.

  • SS310-06
    High Waisted Corset Stra-On

    Explore powerful intimacy through the perfect blend of comfort and control with the High Waisted Corset Strap-On Harness. Designed with a high quality, stretchy fabric, the soft material forms comfortably across your body and uses adjustable corset laces to find the the perfect fit.

  • SS324-04
    Black Out Blindfold

    Shroud yourself in anticipation and darkness with the Blackout Blindfold. Adjustable elastic headband creates a personalized fit, blocking sight and surrendering your body to your partner.

  • SS324-05
    Spiked Sensory Mitt

    Breathtaking new sensations await you as you explore all new forms of sensory play with the Spiked Sensory Mitt! Take your play to enticing new heights with both the soft and soothing sensation of faux fur brushing over your skin and the exhilaratingly prickly sensation of the hidden spikes tucked within the fur!

  • SS324-06
    Tied and Twisted Bondage Kit

    Master the art of dominance and guide your submissive partner through every exhilaratingly kinky scenario imaginable with the Tied and Twisted Bondage Kit. Explore the core principles of BDSM as you revel in your partners obedience.

  • SS324-07
    Swift Spanker

    Seize control and ignite fresh excitement with the beguiling sensations and endearing smacks of the Swift Spanker. Perforated with holes scattered across the split tipped edge for reduced resistance and a satisfying smack strong enough to leave dotted patterns across the body.

  • SS480-40
    Saffron Nipple to Clit Set

    Ignite your passions and take intimacy to sensational new heights with the Saffron Nipple to Clit set. Perfectly crafted for use both in and out of the bedroom, feel the illustrious black chains drape down your body from the connected chain collar. Tease yourself with attached nipple clamps to add pressure and arousal to your most sensitive areas while a third tweezer clamp stretches down to your clit for tantalizingly seductive tension.

  • SS480-41
    Saffron Collar with Nipple Clamps

    Indulge in the art of allure with the intoxicatingly deep reds of the Saffron Collar with Nipple Clamps. This seductive accessory is as captivating as a fine wine, making it the perfect addition to your intimate collection. Its exquisite black O Ring adds a touch of mystery and sophistication, creating a subtle and playful sensuality that works as a day collar for long term use.

  • SS480-42
    Saffron Fringe Crop

    Take charge and guide your bottom with authority and the satisfying smack of the Saffron Fringe Crop. Uniquely tailored to provide swift punishments with a firm and flexible shaft, the dual layered tip splits into 12 tassels for varied sensations catered to heighten the experience no matter the scene.

  • SS360-01
    Pivot Positioner

    Experience unparalleled versatility and support from every angle with the Pivot™ Positioner! Soft, flexible and rigorously tested, the high-density foam core helps reduce fatigue and increase stamina to comfortably support the needs of any body type. Featuring looped webbing on each side of the wedge, utilize your favorite restraints for added support or an extra touch of spice. The Hook and Loop covering is machine washable and compatible with numerous Sportsheets® accessories, to enhance your play with bullet and wand vibrators as well as compatible dildos .

  • SS360-03
    Pivot Inflatable Positioner

    Experience versatility and support at every angle with the Pivot™ Inflatable Positioner. Shaped to help you experience pleasure to the fullest, the inflatable core is comfortable and lined with a soft velvet coat while being firm enough to support the needs of every body type. Sturdy handles allow for you or your partner to hold on for added stability and control without obstructing any positions.

  • SS360-05
    Pivot Deluxe Doggie Strap

    Prioritize your pleasure with the new and improved Pivot™ Deluxe Doggie Strap! Expanding on our signature Doggie Strap design, the Deluxe offers an extended oval padding for additional comfort where you need it most. The adjustable length handles come with a plastic grip for help keeping a comfortable and secure grip at any length. A uniquely crossed, two strap design across the front of the padding helps support the lower abdomen while in use and assists in keeping the strap in place.

  • SS360-06
    Pivot Positioning Bar

    Embrace simplicity with the versatile Pivot™ Positioning Bar. Padded and flexible for easy utilization in any intimate moment, the Positioning Bar expands pleasure through simple position guidance and support. Soft enough to rest on your partner and flexible enough to contort to your unique bodily needs, let the versatility empower you to experience all new levels of comfort with the added cu s to both direct and restrain. Compatible with the Pivot™ Play-Pad, add further stimulation to your experience with or without a partner.

  • SS360-07
    Pivot Protector

    Protect your sheets and furniture from lube and other messes with the Pivot™ Protector. Made with three distinct layers, the silky soft exterior includes an inner waterproof lining to keep your sheets and furniture clean from all fluids and messes. The bottom, Hook and Loop style, layer is compatible with the all-new Pivot™ Play-Pad to add extra stimulation with vibrator and insertable toy capabilities. Throw this cozy blanket anywhere for a quick and easy cleanup to your most spontaneous intimate moments.

  • SS360-08
    Pivot Connection Kit

    Perfect positioning deserves perfect pairings with the Pivot™ Connection Kit! Two included adjustable tethers and cu s help provide additional play options with both restraint and added support for both wrists and ankles in any play. With the addition of a plastic handled grip, the Connection Kit is pivotal for the user to expand their pleasure in new ways that embrace their natural movements with the versatility of every Pivot™ product

  • SS360-09
    Pivot 3 in 1 Play-Pad

    Experience new sensations in every position with the Pivot™ Play-Pad accessory for compatible Pivot™ products! This 3-in-1 tool allows for you to pair your favorite harness compatible dildo, bullet or wand style vibrator with the same versatility and support that comes from Pivot™ positioning products. The Hook and Loop base keeps it durable and secure so you don’t miss any tantalizing sensation. Reapply the Play-Pad to any position for precise stimulation on any compatible Pivot™ product!

  • SS360-12
    Pivot Positioning Partner

    Take comfort to the next level with the Pivot™ Positioning Partner, an entirely new approach to our signature Sex Sling designs. The large, flat pillow design provides the ultimate support cradle for your head and neck. Soft ankle cu s connect to the padded shoulder straps with adjustable tethers to keep you as loose and free or tight and restrained as you like while the added thigh straps keep your legs supported without growing fatigued. Durable hardware helps keep you locked in with easy release and adjustability to cater to your unique needs and desires, no matter how they change in the moment.

  • SS098-50
    S&M Heart Day Collar

    Turn up the heat with the Heart Day Collar and add a touch of mystery and seduction to your everyday look. Crafted from sumptuous faux leather, this choker style necklace is designed with connected hearts and can be locked in place for ultimate control and submission.

  • SS098-52
    S&M Pearl Day Collar

    Live in submissive luxury with the Pearl Day Collar. Feel like you’re living the high life with illustrious faux pearls and gold chain draping your neck all while connected by a mysterious lock and key that shows you belong to your partner.

  • SS098-53
    S&M Orbit Day Collar

    Leave your partner breathless in the stunning Orbit Day Collar! Made from luxurious faux leather, this collar features a vibrant rainbow pearlescence that will catch the light and make you shine like a star.

  • SS098-54
    S&M Double Buckle Day Collar

    Take ordinary to extraordinary with the Double Buckle Day Collar! Made with soft and supple faux leather, this collar features not one, but two adjustable buckles for a custom fit that’s sure to turn heads.

  • SS098-55
    S&M Puff Nipple Clamps

    Lose yourself in the soft and teasing Puff Nipple Clamps. Surrender to every sensual touch of the two soft and tickling puff balls with every movement. The adjustable, rubber tipped clamps provide tension to take your nipple play to the next level while the puffs tickle with every playful movement.

  • SS098-56
    S&M Verge Nipple Clamps

    Unleash your imagination and explore your desires with the Verge Nipple Clamps. Designed to engage your senses, the adjustable clamps provide just the right amount of pressure to stimulate your erogenous zones, creating an electrifying experience that will leave you craving for more.

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