• We accept Visa, MasterCard and e-transfer for payment
  • For new accounts, prepayment is required
  • Regular orders are typically shipped within 2 business day, however during peak season, delays can occur
  • Drop Ship orders typically ship the same day or next day at the latest

Shipping Fees

Rates are determined by the weight of the shipment and the delivery destination. All orders over $750.00 (Before Taxes & Discounts) will received free standard ground shipping (Base Shipping Rate and Fuel Surcharge) – This will not include items that are listed as out of stock during check out. We do not cover the insurance costs (at a rate of $1.00 per $100.00) or Special Services which will automatically be charged to the invoice.

Should you want or need a faster service, we will deduct the base ground shipping costs off of the Express/Priority shipping price and the difference will be added onto your invoice.

For drop ship orders, we charge what it costs us to ship the package. We do not charge a processing fee.

Please Note: Due to CanPar regulations, we are unable to ship any product with Lithium batteries by Express Shipping.

Return Policy

We will accept returns for the following reasons within 90 days of Invoice date:

Shipping errors

Please call us within ten (10) days of receiving order.

Defective merchandise

Please check all items for defects prior to placing on your shelf or sold to a customer. All items should be check when received from us.

 We will not accept returns for the following situations:

  • Crushed packaging
  • Used or sold merchandise
  • Your staff should not have to handle sold merchandise. At retail, the customer should be referred to the manufacturer for all warranty claims
  • Lingerie or Latex clothing with open packaging
  • Demo models
  • Items which are missing parts or pieces
  • Discolored or faded items
  • Items which are not in the original package
  • Items which can not be sold
  • Items with an expiration date (Condoms, Candy & Lubes)
  • Please check the date. If it has expired or soon will expire, please contact us ASAP

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