4.7 oz. Heart Tin Edible Massage Candle

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Our Massage Oil Candle is Specially formulated to melt at just three degrees above body temperature, 3-in-1 massage candles don’t just provide romantic light and fragrance – the melted wax can also be used as a moisturizer or warm massage oil. Hemp seed oil, the primary ingredient in our Massage Oil Candle, has a fantastic slip factor for massage as it seeps into the lipid layer of the cells, and leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized, not greasy or gooey.

Fire things up with our sensual Hemp Seed Massage Candle. This fun, heart-shaped candle melts into a sensual, moisturizing oil that can be used for a back or shoulder massage, while its subtle scent adds a hint of fun for you and your partner to enjoy.

Key Benefits:
Unique 3-in-1 formula to use as candle, oil, and moisturizer
Smooths and nourishes skin
Helps keep skin healthy and youthful looking
Safe for tasting and licking off skin

The unique combination of oils in these candles also increases their burn time. Soy oil burns cleaner and longer than paraffin, so these candles will burn for up to 30 hours, depending on how much melted wax you may dribble out for other endeavors. Once you’ve tried these unique candles, you’ll be amazed by all the ways you find yourself using them every day.

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