Talk Dirty to Me Game

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The object of the game is to score the LEAST amount of points by using the most words in your hand of cards to fill in the blanks in various stories. A deck of 98 cards (printed in black and red) is shuffled and each player is dealt five cards. The current player or storyteller begins to read a story from the story book and stops at the first blank. The storyteller then flashes the bookmark to let the player know what color card can be used to fill in the blank as indicted in the story book. If the player has an appropriate word card of the right color, the player reads the card aloud and discards the card. If the player is unable to play an appropriate card, they must draw the next card from the deck. That card must be played if possible. If the card cannot be played, play passes to the next player to attempt to fill the blank. Each of the word cards is worth from five to fifteen points. At the end of each story, players add the cards remaining in their hand and scores are recorded. A full game consists of twelve stories. The player with the lowest score after the last story wins.

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