A Lover’s Touch Game

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A Lover's Touch is a sensory game created for you and your lover to cast off inhibitions and take risks through a variety of seductive, intimate and affectionate diversions. With A Lover's Touch you and your lover can engage in sublime, romantic activities that build on . . . Anticipation: “As close as possible, without actually touching your Lover, move your hands over their body. After two minutes, your Lover does the same to you.” Creativity: “Remove one article of clothing from your partner without using your hands. Have them do the same.” Adventure: “Get an old sheet, blanket or large piece of fabric that you can afford to put a 2″ hole in. Spread out the sheet, get on opposite sides and make love through the hole.” Communication: “Share with your Lover what you admire about their body, their mind and their spirit.” Lovers can develop a deeper understanding of one another's desires and experience new forms of physical intimacy with A Lover's Touch.

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